Thought Leadership Strategy


With the rapid increase in “noise” in the marketplace as business flock online, you need a strategy to stand out.

The most cost effective way to do this is to position yourself as an industry expert and deliver great thought leadership content.

That said, a great reputation doesn’t pay the bills, so we always have a focus on helping you link your content marketing efforts to commercial outcomes that benefit your bottom line.  

We place an emphasis on this for one simple reason. 
Thought Leadership Drives Sales.

What do you want to be known for?

Once you have a clear goal for your thought leadership, which should directly link to your commercial goals – you can then craft a strategy for how you’re going to get there, and based on that a plan that maps out the steps you’ll take to get there.

That’s when content marketing comes in, to power your thought leadership strategy as an effective way of getting your expertise, perspective and insights in front of your ideal audience, in a way that inspires them to take action.

The Statistics are Compelling


of decision makers will follow a company based on their thought leadership


61% said they were willing to pay a premium based on good thought leadership*


of decision makers award their business based on thought leadership

* 2019 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study, Edelman PR.


Thought Leadership Strategy Session

60 mins

A deep dive to unpack your value proposition, messaging, monetisation strategy and next steps to becoming an established through leader.


Cost: $497 (USD)

Thought Leadership Establishment Package

 A “Done-With-You” service suitable for business owners who are clear on how thought leadership can help them achieve their business goals, who know who their customers are, and would like to tap into our marketing systems and guidance to expedite the process to becoming a recognised industry leader.

While this package involves extensive ongoing guidance and a lot of marketing implementation “done for you”,  there are elements that would be necessary for you to be ready to commit to doing yourself for this strategy to be effective.

This includes developing your thought leadership content, and being ready to engage with your audience online – and we will guide you through all of this and support you as you go along. 

 We will work in partnership with you to co-create your personalised: 

  • Brand Style Guide
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Pillars
  • Social Media Strategy
  • List Building Strategy

While we will do the lion’s share of the heavy lifting for you, there would be an ongoing time commitment necessary on your part to pursue this strategy.  A realistic minimum would be 5-10 hours per week to execute on the things only you can do as the thought leader.

However based on this you can expect to see progress in 3-6 months comparable to what others doing it on their own would normally need to wait 12-18 months to achieve.

If you’re interested in this option please book a Thought Leadership Strategy Session where we can discuss your individual situation and a create a road map that you can then go and execute on your own or with our help.


Price: By Application Only

Thought Leadership Acceleration Program

The Thought Leadership Acceleration Program is Nina Christian’s group coaching program for experts and business owners ready to establish themselves as a respected thought leader in their niche.

The 90-Day program walks you step-by-step through Nina’s specific processes for:

– Creating your powerful brand
– Articulating your value proposition
– Crafting a message that resonates with your audience
– Setting up sustainable content creation systems that enable you to publish high quality content consistently
– Ensuring your content marketing are linked to commercial outcomes
– Attracting and nurturing the right type of leads
– Setting up the tools and tech you need 
– Setting up the team you need


The program includes group coaching, individual feedback, review and critique of your marketing assets and a peer support group.

This unique combination of best-practice marketing education along with solid implementation support will help you fast-track your journey to becoming an established thought leader so you can get there quicker (and more enjoyably!) than you could on your own. 

We’re here to help!


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