Content Creation

When it comes to digital content creation, our content production services have got you covered.

Whether you need a quick injection of content to tide you over a busy period, or you’d like a library of customised content to use over a full year, we can help.

We create authentic, original, thought-provoking content for your brand that is yours to keep so you can expand your digital footprint. 


And the best thing about it is that it won’t tie you up in endless meetings and interviews. It can all be done using as little as an hour of your time per month.

We can also help you get maximum leverage of any existing assets you have using our affordable content re-purposing service.

This is where we take one piece of content and turn it into a lot of smaller pieces, each customised for the platform you’d like to put it on.

If you’re starting from scratch, we’ll help you there too. Our copywriters and designers are at the ready, and it’ll just take a couple of clicks to get you underway.


Content Orientation Session

Need some help to work out what’s your best next step?

Book in a 30 min orientation session where we’ll talk you through options and help you make the best choice.


Cost: $297 (USD)

Content Marketing Audit

Professional Review of your existing content marketing assets and recommendations for your next steps.  Can include website/freebie/lead-magnet/e-book/fact sheets and social media posts.  
Includes a 30-minute call to explain our findings/recommendations and answer your questions.


Cost: $497 (USD)

Content Strategy Session

You’re feeling the pressure knowing you should be posting but life and work happens and weeks pass and you still don’t get to it. In this session we’ll create a plan for you to tap into the well of existing assets you already have (don’t reinvent the wheel!) and use that to create a fountain of social media assets. 

Book a 90-min strategy with Braveda Founder & Director Nina Christian where we’ll work through our powerful 8-Step Content Mapping process for your business.

Cost: $697 (USD)

Content Repurposing Starter Pack

An easy way to get started with building your brand online across multiple channels quickly.


  • Review of your Brand Style guide (Note: This is required – if you don’t have we can help you create one)
  • Set up of Custom branded social media video templates – horizontal, vertical and square variations.
  • Custom designed Video Intro/Outro – horizontal, vertical and square variations.
  • Set up of your Video/Podcast Content Repurposing Production and File Storage System


Cost: $997 (USD)

Content Repurposing Accelerator Pack

Great for businesses getting started with social media. Pay only for what you need now. Likely to last 1-3 months depending on how often you post.

Supply three videos (Facebook Live or Pre-Recorded videos) and we’ll turn them into:

  • 15 Square videos with header and captions for Facebook & LinkedIn
  • 15 Vertical videos with header and captions for IGTV & Stories
  • 15 Horizontal videos with header and captions for YouTube
  • 15 Social Post Graphics for use on Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn


Cost: $997 (USD)

Content Creation 6-Month Titan Pack 

Supply 3 x 1 hour “master piece videos” (masterclasses, interviews, etc. ) or 10 Facebook Live videos – and from that we’ll produce six months worth of social content

  • 50 Square videos with header and captions for Facebook & LinkedIn
  • 50 Vertical videos with header and captions for IGTV & Stories
  • 50 Horizontal videos with header and captions for YouTube
  • 100  Social Post Graphics for use on Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn
  • 6 Blog posts (800-1000 words)


Cost: $2997 (USD)

We’re here to help!


Hi, I’m Nina Christian,
Founder of Braveda.

We’re an award-winning content marketing agency with 20 years of experience. We can help you produce produce beautiful, thought-you provoking content that gets noticed and has people falling in love with your brand.

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