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Creating good content consistently and on a budget is probably the biggest modern day marketing challenge for a small business.

Unless you have a team of designers, writers and strategists at the ready, producing good content is a tough ask for anyone, even if they’re a “marketer” themselves.

It’s time-consuming, and even if you can get one decent piece done, doing it month in month out is where most trip up and lose steam.

We’ve come across many business-owners who were told to just “outsource it” – only to find that what they got was disappointing, a waste of money and something they couldn’t use. 

In fact, many felt burned and shafted, like they threw money away and wasted precious energy.

Your Braveda production team incorporates specialists in marketing strategy, graphic design, brand creation, professional copywriting, video production, editing, SEO and social media strategy.  

We’ll work with you to create completely authentic, original, custom-created content for your brand that will be yours to use forever to expand your digital footprint. 

Small Business Content Marketing Packages

Small Business Kickstart Package

A lean, effective approach to getting your brand out there in a way that will get attention and provide a solid foundation you can build on.

  • Content Strategy Session
    – A 90 minute consultation with Braveda Founder & Director Nina Christian we we’ll work through our powerful 8-step content mapping process for your business.
  • Brand Builder Pack
    – Development of your Brand Style Guide
    – Profile Graphics and Cover Images for up to 4x social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube.)
    – Logo variants for social media and future designs.
    – Variety of sample Social Media posts/templates for you to use.
    – 60-minute brand strategy session.
  • Content Repurposing Starter Pack
    Set up of Custom branded social media video templates – horizontal, vertical and square variations.
    Custom designed Video Intro/Outro – horizontal, vertical and square variations.
    Set up of your customised Content Repurposing Production Workflows based on the social media channels you want to be seen on.
    Setup of your Digital Asset File Storage System so you can build out a rich repository of content and find what you need when you need it. 

Cost: $2997 (USD)

Small Business Content Accelerator Pack

Ideal for business that have an existing website and social media profiles, customer list. This package will help you take an integrated approach to expanding your reach and engagement on multiple channels and give you 3+ months worth of content.

  • Full Digital Media Audit
    – We’ll do a full review of your existing digital footprint and let you know how you are tracking and what you can do to boost your visibility and engagement both in the short term and the long term in the following areas : Social Media, Content, Website, Brand Assets & SEO
  • Content Repurposing Starter Pack
    – An easy way to get started with building your brand online across multiple channels quickly.
    – Review of your Brand Style guide (Note: This is required – if you don’t have one you can order one here)
    – Set up of Custom branded social media video templates – horizontal, vertical and square variations.
    – Custom designed Video Intro/Outro – horizontal, vertical and square variations.
    – Set up of your Content Repurposing Production and File Storage System 
  • Content Repurposing Accelerator Pack
    – Great for businesses getting started with social media. Pay only for what you need now. Likely to last 1-3 months depending on how often you post.
    – 15 Square videos with header and captions for Facebook & LinkedIn
    – 15 Vertical videos with header and captions for IGTV & Stories
    – 15 Horizontal videos with header and captions for YouTube
    – 15 Social Post Graphics for use on Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn 
  • Synchronised Social Media Publishing
    – Publish videos & content to your channels for 3 months (3 x week) for up to four social platforms. (Supply your own content or purchase as an add on to our Content Repurposing Pack)
    – Create Content Schedule for each channel
    – Schedule and publish your content according to the schedule
    – Monthly Analytics & Reporting
  • 6 x Blog Posts
    – 8001000 word SEOoptimised articles, supplied with headline, image, CTA, SEO Page Title & Description 
  • LinkedIn Company Pack
    – Our LinkedIn Company Pack is ideal for small business who want to harness the opportunity to get visibility quicker and make connections with ideal prospects.
    – Create/Update Company Profile
    – Custom Company Cover Images
    – Optimise Key Stakeholder Profiles
    – Step-by-Step guide for your staff

Cost: $6997 (USD)

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Hi, I’m Nina Christian,
Founder of Braveda.

We’re an award-winning content marketing agency with 20 years of experience. We can help you produce produce beautiful, thought-you provoking content that gets noticed and has people falling in love with your brand.

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I was dealing with information overload while trying to work out how to move our growing accounting firm forward so I engaged Braveda – who smoothed the road and cleared the way. It’s been so beneficial and I highly recommend them.

Diana Piggott

Over many years Braveda helped us develop the level of professionalism we aspire to and impressed us tremendously with the amount of progress made in marketing quickly. I’d recommend Braveda to businesses requiring a strong brand presence for years to come.

Shane Muller
Managing Director, OBT