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Marketing Intern (Braveda)


An Internship with Braveda comes with a personally crafted and curated career plan, where the internship is actually created bespoke around you, to enable you to accelerate in your chosen field of marketing.


It comes with intense professional development and training from me and my team to ensure the experienced is used to prime and prepare you in the area that together we work out is going to be the best fit for you as a marketer based on your strengths, your background and what you enjoy doing!

Location – Melbourne Based
Duration – 3 months 
Time – 2 days/week
Areas you can hone your craft in

 Copywriting, Graphic Design, Videography, Video Editing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Project Management

We have a great internship program and we support the industry by releasing trained marketers to other agencies and brands (as well as our own!) and helping them get their foot in the door into their ultimate career path.  

How to apply

Send your CV and a short intro about yourself to including your CV and note which project you’re interested in.

In the email it would be very valuable (and set you apart) if you can the answer to the 3 questions asked in the video on the right around being clear on what you’re looking to achieve from an internship.