About  Braveda


Braveda is a content marketing agency based in Melbourne Australia led by respected Australian marketer Nina Christian who founded the company in 2000.

The company was initially established to service a growing market of start-ups and technology firms just as the internet started to take off, and quickly morphed into a full-service marketing agency spanning a wide variety of industries and geographies.

Over last few years, marketing has changed a lot.

The online space opens up so many opportunities for businesses to get their message out but that also means it’s increasingly confusing, especially if you’re not a marketing professional (and even if you are!).


In the last few years we have shifted our focus to helping businesses with content marketing as that was the area where we continually saw businesses getting stuck.


So, if your business needs marketing support, why struggle on your own, or settle for inferior quality.
Let us help you create a brand and content that your ideal customers truly connect with.

You’re not alone – content is tough for everyone.

Even many marketing agencies struggle with it.

That’s right. The content creation process is time-consuming, constantly changing and there’s a fine balance between quantity and quality that needs to be kept in check.

So we decided to focus just on that – and become the best content marketing agency for small businesses who don’t have a big budget, and who want to do marketing on their own terms.

More recently we’ve also been working with a lot of social enterprises, coaches, course creators and entrepreneurs who need help with their marketing but don’t have a big agency budget.

Why we’re different

We know big picture marketing, but we choose to specialise.

Our diverse and wide-ranging marketing experience means we can give you solid advice, but we double down to be exceptional about the bits of marketing that are our jam right now. 

No Retainers, Lock-In Contracts or Minimum Terms.

We know most small businesses aren’t fans of contracts, and nor are we.  Instead, we’d rather just serve you with what you need, when you need it.

We turnaround quickly. 

When have a different delivery model to most agencies, which means you can often get your work in days instead of weeks or months.

We’ll refer you to others if we need to.

We don’t pretend to do it all and are extraordinarily well connected in the marketing space globally. If we feel someone else is better placed to serve you, we’ll let you know.  

We don’t make you jump through hoops to get prices or engage our services.

What we offer is outlined on our website. You can sign up today, give us the info we need, and we can get cracking on your brand and content tomorrow.

Get only what you need right now, get the rest later

We’re not going to try and upsell you or lock you into a monthly retainer. Advice and strategy is on hand if you need ever it, but just you only pay for what you need NOW, not what you might need later.

We genuinely care about your brand.

You’ll quickly see that our advice will go beyond just your content, website and social media, because we care about every touchpoint your customer has with your brand. 

We only do premium – in advice and relationships.

We’re here to make you shine and so part of a great agency/client relationship is truly understanding your needs. We’ll give you honest advice because we actually care.

We can even teach you what we know.

Want to set up your own content production system? We can help you with training to give you the tools and knowledge you need to become a content wiz.

Meet the Founder

Nina Christian is a content marketing and brand strategist who helps businesses and brands use marketing in an effective and more human way.

For over 20 years she’s helped marketers and entrepreneurs apply solid marketing knowledge and expertise in an empathetic and considerate way, so they can build a brand they’re proud of, AND in a way that makes people actually want to do business with them.

Nina was named 2018 Certified Practicing Marketer of the Year (Vic) and has received numerous awards and recognitions.

She is a Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute, and current Chair of the AMI State Committee in VIC.

She understands entrepreneurship as well as marketing, having started and grown several brands of her own over the years, including a successful exit of a brand of international renown.

Outside of work (which she loves!) Nina enjoys the outdoors, is an active CrossFitter, and after 3pm most days is off-duty doing mum stuff with her five young children.

Connect with Nina here 

Awards and recognition

We’re proud to have won the following industry awards:

The Braveda team have extensive marketing experience working on brands that include:

Our Work has been featured in:

And we are endorsed and respected in our industry

Ms. Christian worked closely with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. Through our association I came to know Ms Christian as a consistently reliable and efficient business partner.

Dr Horst Baechmann
The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany

I have known Ms Christian for three years while she was heavily involved in marketing projects for leading German corporations. All parties were always pleased with the result and this resulted in very high recognition of Ms Christian and her expertise on each occasion. This was an acknowledged fact amongst many prominent representatives of the German business community.

Heinrich Zimmerman
German-Australian Chamber of Commerce

While observing Nina Christian as Director of Braveda I noted her unfailing professionalism and focus on delivering a quality service to her clients. This professionalism so impressed the State Businsess Chamber (NSW) that we approached Braveda to Co-Partner with the Chamber and represent the Chamber. In each instance Braveda provided exceptional service.

Angela Foley
Senior Group Manager
NSW Business Chamber

Braveda provides savvy business owners the ability to engage the skills of a fully equipped and experienced marketing department for a fraction of the cost otherwise required to secure a top tier marketing agency or to recruit highly skilled in‐house staff.

Longtail has benefited first‐hand from the marketing expertise provided by Braveda and I can highly recommend Nina Christian and her team to any company requiring quality marketing services that builds brands and drives sales.

Vanessa Cox
CEO, Longtail

We sought out and engaged Braveda on a number of key projects. In our opinion, Braveda’s approach to marketing is well thought out and goes beyond others with a high level of expertise and competence in strategy.

John Stavrakis
Managing Director
The Reflective

We recently undertook to launch our brand in the international marketplace. The Braveda team was invaluable and our first push was very successful by any standard. The result was much better than anticipated. We could not have achieved this without their assistance. Braveda has amply repaid the trust placed in them and I highly recommend them.

Liz Lapsley